Unabashed & Imperfect: Routine.

I entered 2014 setting my Resolution Words as Unabashedly and Imperfectly, two concepts I struggle with and feel hold me back. Here is the first in my series attempt to hash it out, become more self-aware, and open up. 

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Happy Five.

  1. Korea Tumblr Family Reunion in seven days! Looking forward to seeing my beautiful loves <3 lauraallovermyradventures, golfcake, and whoisjing! (When did tumblr develop a tagging feature?)
  2. The boss is out on vacation for two weeks! 
  3. The office is getting an EZBake oven. This is going to be awesome and horrible.
  4. The rude, loud-ass neighbors we’ve called the cops on thrice are finally moving out! Here’s to no longer being woken up at 4AM to screaming and punching.
  5. Galaxy s5 comes out this month - both theboy’s phone and mine are busted beyond repair, so looking forward to the new fancy tech!

You guys, I can’t stop watching this. 

"Light griefs are loquacious, but the great are dumb."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca


The act of releasing all your doubts and fears into one supremely long novel of an email. 

I really wish I had heard this when I was growing up. My childhood was plagued with “You’re too bossy” and “Why are you so selfish” - to the point where I spent my puberty years in silence, learning to follow others and letting those opinions rule my self-confidence. I attributed every failure to my horrible, bossy, and selfish personality.

Imagine what could’ve been had I had Queen Bey. But also, imagine what will be now that I have Queen Bey.

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The universe must have heard my pleas because the outpouring of love and light today (from both those who know of this blog and those who don’t) is giving me the strength to keep truckin’ on.

I just really need this on my blog. 

I just really need this on my blog. 

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