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Remember the Super Bowl blackout?



Turns out it wasn’t Beyonce who caused it. Instead, according to Entergy New Orleans officials, the lights were shut off by a fitting ironic twist.

An electrical device whose sole purpose was to prevent a power outage caused the Super Bowl blackout, the stadium’s power company said Friday.

Photo: Lloyd Fox / Baltimore Sun

"Company officials said the device performed with no problems during January’s Sugar Bowl and other earlier events, but has been removed and will be replaced. All systems at the Superdome are now working and the dome will host a major Mardi Gras event Saturday night, said Doug Thornton, an executive with SMG, the company that manages the stadium for the state.”

Emphasis added - That major event will be the Endymion and me tomorrow night, y’all.

20 days!

My annual NOLA trip is coming up and this time it aligns perfectly with Mardi Gras. I will (finally!) be reunited with the lovely LP, shaking our derrieres to everything and anything.

Beignets, King’s cake, fleurs de lis, tabasco, jazz and crawfish everything. Yes, please!

Humpty Hump.

Mid-morning coffee+croissant while waiting for my smog before heading off to work for a few hours…

And then it’s Louisiana for a week, baby!