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Ordering dolsot bibimbap



I’m just like


obsessed with this blog. obvi.

Going through this blog makes me both miss the hell out of my life in Korea and SO THANKFUL I am no longer teaching. Ah, love/hate.

One year ago today.

Decrease the class size and stress, switch the Korean kids for Caucasians, and it’s about the same picture.

But, oh! I miss my kids. They were pure love.

Minus the terror picking his nose.


Walked in today wanting nothing more than to bitchslap the vice principal for flat-out refusing my request (minor to her, major to me) and never wanting to see the school again.

Walked out with two great job offers, the vice principal getting told off, and request granted by the principal.

Take that, bitch.

I think I’d make a kickass mother one day.

Probably not a kickass wife but whatevs.


The recital and meetup were both wonderful successes (hurrah!) - but, more importantly, both are finally over and doneeee with. I love my kids and tumblr but man, was I an idiot for having both on the same day. I hate being that cranky.

Anyway, we’re going to ignore that the passing of these events now means I need to get my ass packing and look at this cute pic from the recital instead. Awww.

Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year.

This week is 설날 (Seollal - Korean New Year) where kids wear hanboks to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year expecting money in return and (most) everyone gets three days off from work!

Most Koreans will be spending this time travelling to the countryside to 새배 (saebae - bow) to grandparents. I will be spending it avoiding phone calls from relatives and prancing around Seoul with my lovers. So excited :)

새해 복 많이 받으세요, my lovely readers!

Mad white-board skills.

Thank you, eleven months of teaching. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Anonymous asked: Hey, so I’m thinking of teaching in Korea. I actually have a masters degree in violin and make a pretty nice living teaching privately in the US, but adventure lead me to teaching abroad… I’m ok with teaching english as my main living, but how do music lessons work in Korea? What are the chances I could land a music teaching gig on the side?

We have a violin teacher at the Kindergarten but I know she teaches in Korean - and I’m not sure how many positions there would be available to teach the subject in English. 

However, I know very little about this so I’m going to extend this question to my readers. Can anyone help?

Edit: Anon, please check here for submitted answers

this is why i am pale.


Fucking hell I hate managing people. Here is my advice: If you suck at your job, stop sucking at your job. 

Ways to not suck:

1) Be proactive. As in, get off your lazy ass and FIND me if you have a question or want some feedback. There are so many people in this building and everyone always has an urgent question ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I mentally schedule time to see you and can’t get around to it because I’ve been hijacked by someone else. I’m sorry. I’m only one person. But if you’re feeling neglected, LET ME KNOW. And I’ll make every effort to hold your hand until you feel like a priority again. And if we’ve talked but our solution isn’t working - let’s talk again! Every situation is unique and sometimes it takes a few tries until we figure out the best way to solve something. Don’t give up until it’s fixed.

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A great read on ways not to suck at your job from a supervisor’s perspective.

For anyone that has yet to work a professional job (or even the ones that do!), pay attention.

I think I need every future coworker to read this.

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This End of the Year Recital is going to be the death of me.

I can’t wait for February to be over. No recital and back in California’s sunny embrace.

Thirty-eight more days. Thirty-eight more days. Thirty-eight more days.