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3 Reasons to Travel While You're Young

It’s official.

Add NYC to my Year of Travel! It will be short but oh-so-verysweet. Never been on the East Coast for Spring…

In other good news, my health insurance is freaking amazing.

Five days.

Standing in my way: 2 exams, 2 quizzes, 1 homework assignment, pick up a present, attend a birthday brunch, Superbowl XLVII, get my nails+hair did, pick up my contacts, figure out what to pack, alter a dress, and WORK.

But, other than that, SO. READY. 

The end of the tiled road.

I’d like to believe that my butt is better defined after this hike. It’s not but at least I can say that my soul definitely is.

Thank God for breathtaking views and ol’ friendships.

2013: San Francisco Edition

also dubbed My (self-imposed) Travel Ban is Finally Over!

Last January, after a whirlwind year full of plane rides and road trips, I looked into theboy’s pleading eyes and finally decided to stop the packing, avoid the airports, and enjoy my sunny city once and for all. 

So for eleven solid months, I stopped travelling. (I KNOW). Theboy worked hard to show me the many great things about San Diego - to the point where I moved downtown with him and am currently considering grad school here. If I get in. 

And yet. As much as I love my city, there is nothing that gets my heart pitter-patterin’ like the zip of a duffel bag, the shoes-jackets-scarf-hat off at security, the hiding of headphones behind my hair during takeoff, and the meeting of loved ones.

That being said, happy birthday Laura! A weekend full of girl talk (especially with the new Mrs. Arpin), book discussions, vintage shopping, great eats, coffee by the bowl, and glute workouts was just the thing I needed to kickoff this fantastic year.

Next stop, New Awlinssss!

Amite, LA: Bracy’s Nursery.

Spent the morning driving around Wifey’s family-owned nursery - it’s massive! 150 acres of every plant imaginable and so, so gorgeous.

The panorama doesn’t do it justice.

Hanging out with the Wifey at her parent’s house.

Her accent is coming out and it is hilarioussssssssss, you guys.

Humpty Hump.

Mid-morning coffee+croissant while waiting for my smog before heading off to work for a few hours…

And then it’s Louisiana for a week, baby!


The goddesses are ready to party!

Adore this pic. Such an awesome party!

Know Thyself, Bitch.

Apartment 310 is ready to partyyyy!

At Laura’s, watching her roommates decorate for their Bacchanalia Toga 3-in-1 Birthday Bash!

Excited for togas, vino, grapes, pizza (what, it fits) and debauchery!